Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PB Kids Play Kitchen - Metamorphosis Monday

This will become......

this.....or least my interpretation of it.

I saw this play kitchen in the PB Kids catalog and thought WOW! I have the pieces I could make this.
 Not too bad...ignore the blue tape!

The faucet is a upside down paper mache "L". The sink is a pan from the dollar tree. Still need handles for the faucet and a "curtain" to cover the shelves. I wish I had kept the cabinet door...would have been perfect! The counter top is cardboard....I couldn't find a piece of wood the right size and I do not have any power tools to make the necessary cuts. After painting the cardboard it warped of course. So I decided to go to Lowe's to see if I could find a CHEAP piece of wood of some type. On my way out of the co-op I spotted a demolished entertainment center at the curb. Of course, I jumped out of the car I could hardly believe what I saw. About 8-10 shelf pieces of varying lengths and a long piece of trim, perfect for the back splash. I was speechless! As luck would have it I bought a saw over the weekend at the dollar tree . Yes, dollar tree. It worked surprisingly well and I was able to cut 8" off the shelf and 24" off the trim piece leaving about 4'.

 Yesterday I decided to try my luck with my DT saw, a screw, screwdriver and hammer to make a cut out for the sink. It worked but it took me about 2 hours. The proper tools sure would be a help! I had decide to make this a "use what you have project". I did pretty good...I only bought the "sink" (DT) and the fabric for the curtain (PTO thrift store $1.00). I used left over room paint. So the whole project cost $2.00 (OK, three if you count the saw but, I can use that again and again....)

The curtain "rod" is a piece of PVC tubing and doesn't fit well. If I can find a dowel or rod I might change it. Overall I am happy with my project and if I change my mind (what? who me change my mind...never!) none of the pieces are attached so I can take it apart re-paint and make something else. I am having so much fun with my projects!


  1. This is so adorable! Genius using the stand - so creative! Stop by the Sunday Showcase if you get a chance. I am just amazed at this piece - Awesome job!

  2. How cute !!! I hope someday to use it with my grandchldren

  3. OMG! This is adorable! You get the most creative award in my book!

  4. Wow! Way to recycle! That is just darling!

  5. I love me a PB inspired anything and this is simply wonderful--thanks for sharing--I will be featuring it this week!

  6. Oh my goodness! Now I see that you made this yourself - you are very talented. This is just the sweetest thing.